Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Multimedia message

Isn't he adorable?! 

Monday, November 2, 2009

Hello November

I'm back again with fresh cornrows. I like this hairstyle especially the blue. I'm stepping out in some bold colors with my hair. It's a protective style that I absolutely love and I don't have to do anything at all to my hair besides wrap it in a scarf at night and use a light oil occasionally to prevent dryness. I am going to wear this style until about the 15th and then I am going to get a different color and style for the latter half of the month. I am going to be working out everyday this month. So I want to make sure that my hair and scalp are cleansed and conditioned. I am going to take a break from the braids sometime in December to allow my hair to rest. Just make sure if you do decide to get braids that they are NOT too tight. Taunt is ok, you do want the hold. But if you get out the salon and feel like you got a face-lift. Um, you might want to get them taken out, that is entirely too tight. Don't add that type of stress to your hair. I hope that everything is going well with everyone. I'll be back soon. I've been pretty busy lately but I haven't forgot about y'all.

A GREAT Hair Day

I made a YT video on what happened to the extensions that I had in at the beginning of October. That was a VERY short-lived hairstyle. The combination of the braids and the sew-in was too much stress on my hair. I couldn't take it. Anyway, moving along after everything was taken down, I decided to wear my hair in a puff. There is no telling how long I could've been wearing a puff because this was the first time that I actually tried it. OK......Let me tell you.....I thought that I was TOO cute!! I'm dead serious. I took so many pictures and smile from ear to ear the few days that I did wear my hair in a puff. To be honest, I don't even know why I was acting like this because I should be proud everyday of my hair. Something got into me that day. But, it's a milestone for me because I would see other women with their hair in puffs and anticipated the day that I would be able to have myself a puff! So there is it! *big grin*

Monday, October 12, 2009

Greetings! Yeah, I know it seems like it has been forever since I have written my last post. I have had a lot going on. Seriously. So I will rewind it back. If you follow my YT channel I posted a vid that sums up what has been going on. Anyway, September 15, I got a new puppy! His name is Dino. He’s a maltipoo. I’ve spent the last few weeks getting him house-trained. He is doing extremely well. He’s a sweetheart. I’m really happy that I got him!

Ok, Sunday the 13th, one of my best friends called and asked if I would cut her hair for her. Big Cut. Yes. I couldn’t believe it either. I knew that she was transistioning but I didn’t know that she would be ready for the cut! Normally I wouldn’t make a big deal of a hair cut (because I am a stylist), but to have the honor to be able to BC for someone is amazing. Especially since I have already experienced the big cut myself.

It’s important to share your experience with others. I say this because you may not think that you have a voice, but you do. It’s amazing the feedback, e-mails, and questions that I get from ladies about my hair. I really encourage you to share your story with the world. You never know who is listening to you!

I also started working at a salon. Whew. I know. Told you I’ve had a lot going on. You already know. I get asked questions there as well about my hair. It’s ok. I’m always open for questions because I find myself enlightening ladies on what they think is “impossible.” No worries. I will be back on here again soon to share more stories!

One last thing, my style for October? Is extensions. Thought that I would do something bright and colorful. Bright Pink & Dark Brown. All of my hair is braided. I am going to try to rock this style until the end of the month. My hair wasn’t blow-dried or damaged. (well, maybe a little from the braids) But I like this style and I may keep my hair hidden for the winter instead of doing twists. I will give myself a few weeks for my hair to “breathe” in flat twists. I hope all is going well with everyone! Thank you for taking the time to read what I had to say & I will be back soon!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Winter Blues

It’s about that time again. Winter time that is. I’m not too excited to be honest with you. But anyway, I was asked a few days ago if I was going to switch up my routine. Probably not. I do know that throughout the winter I will likely keep my hair flat twisted like in the picture. I know. I am getting kinda lazy when it comes to my hair (I knew that once my hair got long enough.....it was a matter of time). I really like this style because it only takes me about 20 minutes total to do. I’m looking forward to the buns that I twist in the back to become fuller. This is a neat very protective style (especially for the ends) and I will rock this style all winter. I will be sure to deep condition my hair once every 2 weeks to make certain that my thirsty strands are moisturized. My challenge for the month is to keep my hair flat twisted for the entire month of September. I will allow myself 3 days to wear my hair “out.” Are any of you doing anything different for the winter? Or recommend anything?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I Am A Queen

If you expect me to walk through life like this...... Get REAL. I've gotten a few e-mails about the video that I posted. Why get mad? I took time to explain to these gentlemen about the process involved with relaxers and why I chose to go natural. Should you have a conversation like this with someone, please don't get angered at someone that doesn't know. Introduce these men to your story on why you are going natural and allow them the chance to gain insight on the situation. Guess what, they are still thinking about everything we talked about. I'm taking everything I learned to have a different approach to men about hair. Educate and inform.

Furthermore, if the deciding factor of a relationship is based on LOOKS alone, he needs counseling. I walk this Earth as the QUEEN I am. LOVE me or LEAVE me. I'm still going to do ME.

Random Conversation

Yesterday I had the privilege of being able to ask my childhood best friend and his roommates how they each felt about MY hair. I've been missing because I have been working on my YouTube channel. Of the three, two concluded that they did NOT like my hair at all.

This is part of my response.Can I be upset at them for stating their opinions? No, but I will say that words hurt. I'm glad that we all were able to have this conversation. Can we blame society? Partially. The reason that I say this is because if you are an adult and live in the US, we have freedoms. The first being able to express ourselves freely without being JUDGED. SLAVERY mindset still exists even today. Read "Hair Story: Untangling the Roots of Black Hair in America" if you haven't already.

I agree that it is hard to appreciate something that you are not accustomed to. Christopher stated that "I need to see more women with natural hair". True, if more women would wear their hair natural, I do believe that black men would appreciate our hair. LACK of EDUCATION is to blame as well. When you grow up and you are taught at an early age that your hair is "bad", it is no wonder that there is hesitancy when you do decide to go natural. I’m not being disrespectful to our ancestors BUT what has been taught has been passed down for generations and that is all that we KNOW. WE have the ability to accept changes within our own lives. EDUCATION and KNOWLEDGE is the leader of progression. Hard to do that without either.

I’m not trying to make excuses or place blame on anyone or anything. There are many factors and this will be a debate that will probably continue on this Earth even after I’m long gone.

I want change. It begins with me. When I have children, I want to pass my values and beliefs to them. My girls are going to be natural until they are old enough to make a decision about their hair. But as children, I will nurture and care for their hair. As they age, they will realize that others may be different but I believe that change begins with ME.

I’m not going to say that these guys didn’t learn from this conversation and you do have to keep in mind that this was amongst 4 people. This is just ONE perspective of many and I had the opportunity to be able to record and publish this. They understand about HEALTH risks, COSTS, and INCONVENIENCE of relaxers. But they have a new insight on women and what WE as African Americans go through to keep our hair up.

I’m hoping that Chris Rocks movie “Good Hair” is educational and informative. All three earned themselves a ticket to see this movie. I’ve recommended a few books to them as well. But everyone has their preferences and opinions. I RESPECT that.

I love my hair. Any male that I am involved with IS and WILL appreciate my hair and ME for who I am. Nothing like a man that loves, adores, and cherishes his QUEEN.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

One Year Relaxer Free

Hello everyone! I know it seems like forever since I have signed on. It’s been 1 year to date on August 10, since my last relaxer. I would’ve never thought in a million years that I would be where I am at today. It’s not all about the hair. It’s about discovering yourself as an individual. I’ve taken this experience to step outside of my “comfort” zone and have challenged myself to be a better person everyday. Physically, emotionally and spiritually. I would like for my life walk to be of many experiences and challenges. Those of which that I am able to share and perhaps enlighten and inspire others. The past year has been great!

I will share with you some things that I have learned specifically about hair.

  1. Everyone’s hair is different. We may have similar textured hair, but my routine/products I use may not work for you hair
  2. I try not to get caught up in the hair typing systems. Imo, it’s just another degree of separation within our already divided community.
  3. Embrace your natural texture and have fun with your hair! I’ve never had so much fun creating different hairstyles every week!
  4. I have the cannot keep my hands out of my hair syndrome. That’s why 99% of the time, I’m all twisted up.
  5. I am not a product junkie. Or at least I don’t think that I am. I try something, don’t like it, give it away. fortunately for me, I was able to find a great product line without going broke first. But for me all I need is a Shampoo bar, Deep Conditioner, and some Hair Milk. Simplified. Nothing else that’s it! How do I dry my hair you ask? Precious sun rays and air.
  6. I have the best hair on the planet. No one can tell me otherwise.
  7. My hair has a personality of its own! Yep Kinks, Coils, Curls, Twirls, mixed with a lot of funky fun! I my hair!!!
  8. I take care of my hair as if it is a delicate flower. Each bend of every curl in my precious crown needs to be handled delicately.
  9. Patience. From my hair cut to the growth that I have attained I’ve found myself to be more patient with everything in life. Not just my hair. Everything always works itself out I don’t stress or worry. Just breath.
  10. Strength. My hair is a firm representation of this word and an avid description of myself as an individual. I seek strength everyday.

Thought I’d share that with you all. Oh, I know that I am late on this style of the week. I was in I ♥ Atlanta last week and was in the pool!! But this style will use the same tools as in previous posts. Part your hair into a section on the side. Make parts for your flat twists but try to make them at an angle. The remaining hair will be individually twisted. This style didn’t last long either (pool again) and the resulting twistout is what you see above! Hope you all have a wonderful & blessed week!! Until next time...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Style of the Week

This week I decided to keep it simple. You are going to need the same tools. A rat tail comb, bobby pins, hair milk, and metal clips. Make parts going all the way back to the nape and flat twist going back.  Use hair milk through each section or put some through all of your hair to save yourself some time. Try to make your parts as neat as possible, if you have a hand mirror this would be helpful. Once you are finished take the ends of the twists and twist them into a bun. I made two buns. For those of you that don't have enough hair to do this style, you can make 2 parts on the side and make yourself a twisted headband. Really cute style! This was a signature style for me after I got my haircut! Have a great week! Until next time.....

Side note: Anyone that has a MacBook that is familiar with the iPhoto program could you please e-mail me and let me know what I need to do to create a collage? I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks in advance! 

Monday, August 3, 2009

My Reflection

Monday, August 3, 2009

Today’s date is not that important. But today is. I’m just walking down memory lane as I look back to this time last year when I was beyond frustrated with my hair. I’ll go into a few more details on why I chose this journey. To begin, the area of the state that I was in required an hour drive to find anyone that was able to relax my hair. That wasn’t really an issue since I have a car. But, my problem wasn’t once but twice when I made that drive to only be disappointed. The first time I had an early morning appointment that the stylist was not only late for, but she wasn’t even finished with my hair and it was going on 4 in the afternoon! So I ended up leaving with my hair undone and she didn’t get paid either. The second time (sigh) this happened consecutively, I made an appointment and she didn’t even have the product to provide a relaxer service. So......

At this point I looked in the mirror. Hurt by the fact that I can no longer get my hair relaxed without making that long journey home (3 hours)  I began to just wait it out. After all, I’m not incompetent when it comes to styling. So for the next 3 months, I just braided the sides of my hair, wore buns, blow dried my out straight, flat ironed, curled, and anything in between.

I remembered one morning during this time period that I looked in the mirror and began to cry. The reason? The reflection that I saw wasn’t of me. I bombarded myself with questions of why was I going through this frustration with my hair? What do I REALLY look like? This was the part that hurt the most. I had NO clue what my natural hair texture looked or felt like since we haven’t met since my childhood. Mentally I made a decision then and there that I was not going to continue to get my hair straightened because I was ASHAMED. To not know what I really look like? LaToya are you serious? Yes, part of me was missing. I never shared my experience or thoughts with anyone during that time because it is a VERY personal experience. I’m sharing now because it is what I was going through at that particular time. 

Then I decided to do some research. YouTube, fotki, any and everywhere I could find pictures, listen to someone else’s experience, information on hair products, and the list continues.  I frequent Atlanta and was able to go to Urbanbella in Buckhead. The ladies there were very friendly and helpful with helping me select products for my hair. I purchased a few items, but I was AMAZED at the beauty in each crown of these beautiful ladies!! Wow, is this what I have to look forward to? I certainly hope so!

November was the last month of my frustration. I say this because as you should be already aware is that natural & relaxed hair do NOT get along at all. So, I was experiencing a lot of breakage. It also didn’t help that I was using a lot of heat to try to keep it straightened. So on November 21, 2008, I quietly snuck into the chair of an barber and asked him to cut all of my hair. No tears, no sadness, nothing.

I looked in the mirror afterwards and stared. No, my cut is fine. I’m fine. I’m looking at myself because I cannot believe that this is ME. I don’t have much hair but I love the little bit of hair that I do have. I had So many thoughts going through my mind that I cannot even explain.

I get back home, lay down to relax, and think. No more worries about my hair. I purchased headbands. For what? No clue because I didn’t have enough hair to push back. But  I’m at ease because I shampoo my hair almost everyday. No worries about how to style it. Air dry. What blow dryer? Nope. Simple. Showers are a lot more fun! Rain showers too!

Too bad you all couldn’t see the looks on my all of my co-workers face! I wish I had a camera to capture that moment because when I went it to work the entire place FROZE literally because everyone was so shocked, all over my haircut. 

 I’m saying all of this because August 10, 2008 was my last relaxer. So it’s almost a year. Just thought I’d take a walk down memory lane. 

Now when I look in the mirror, the reflection I see, I smile, because I know it’s of ME!!!!! 

Friday, July 31, 2009

Style of the Week

 This week's style is called "twisted up". Ok, I make up names as I go along, feel free to change it up! Tools needed: a rattail comb, metal clips, hair milk, and a headband (optional). What I did for this hairstyle is made a part from ear to ear. Use clips to separate the hair. Then make zig zag, curved parts to the middle and twist going back. Continue until you have completed the front. For the back I made sections and made individual twists. Easy hairstyle. You are welcome to use the headband as an accessory. Viola! You're finished! Enjoy your week! I'll be back again next week! Until then....

MacBook Pro

Greetings! I write to you today from my new notebook! About time right? I've moved on. I am not going to lie, I love my new notebook! It's very functional and sexxxy!!! I got it Monday and have played around on it for the past several days. It gets the job done. Very different from Windows. I'll make the analogy of being right handed and having to write with my left hand. It is going to be a learning experience but I am going to be patient in learning the mac os. I DO love the fact that with AppleCare, should I have any technical issues, problems, etc that Apple is going to take care of my notebook. There is a wealth of information and forums to answer many questions that I have as I navigate through mac. So, I'm probably going to have a few changes until I'm familiar with the software (i.e. collages in iPhoto to publish to my blog). It's going to take some time, but look forward to a few changes! I'm excited! Until next time....

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Style of the Week

While I continue to update my fotki page, I thought that it would be a great idea to collage some styles that I create and post how I did them on here. Just in case you want some ideas on different styles. I got kind of creative last week and tried a frowhawk. I REALLY like this style. I'm all about keeping my hair protected! For this style you are going to need a rat tail comb, bobby pins and metal clips (to separate your hair into sections). That's it. When I did this style, start on whichever side you choose and make a part going down the side to the nape area. Use metal clips to keep hair separated. Then this is where it gets fun. Make your parts however you like! Get creative, zig zag, straight parts, whatever and twist toward the center. You are going to continue this and repeat the same steps on the other side. For the middle, I made small sections and just twisted all the hair in the middle. The reason I did this is to be able to wear the style until later this week when I get ready to re-do my hair. Also, a few days before I get ready to shampoo my hair I will untwist the middle section to REALLY have the "hawk" effect. Once you have completed twisting your hair, use a few bobby pins to hold the twists up on the sides. Viola! You are done! Enjoy your week!

To maintain this style, sleep in a satin or silk scarf and if necessary use a little hair milk to moisturize your hair.

I've gotten quite a few compliments on this hairstyle. I like it. One person told me that I switch styles all the time. I told the person "Thanks" and kept it moving.

Didn't cost me anything but a few hours of my time. Another reason to go natural. Do it yourself. Practice. I'm not paying for what I can do myself. Plus, I do my hair at my convenience. Not someone elses. Stay tuned! I'll post another style next week! Until then....

Karen's Body Beautiful

Good Morning Everyone! I know I told you a few weeks ago that I was going to be ordering some products and..........Karen's Body Beautiful is the business! For starters, her customer service is on POINT! I called and was able to talk to Karen. She is a very helpful and professional lady. She assisted in helping me pick the products best suited for my hair based on my description of my hair. By the way check her out on twitter (@karensbeautiful) and check out her fro!! That's what I want in a few years!! Gorgeous!!! I know, you are wondering why I ordered an entire regimen. Check out my last post. I ordered the Juicy Shampoo Bar, Deep Conditioner, and the Hair Milk all in the Lavender Vanilla scent except the Shampoo Bar (which it smells good too!).

The Shampoo Bar lathered! Bubble galore ladies! I'm not kidding AND it did not take much either. This shampoo bar is going to last a LONG time. It's worth the $12 and you get 2 pieces. Think about it this way, it's great for the environment (no bottles) and it saves space. Also, great for travel because you do not have to worry about spills over your precious garments!

The Deep Conditioner was a treat during detangling for my hair! Made my hair soooo soft and it smelled really sweet too! I let it "marinate" for about 20 minutes before rinsing it out.

Lastly, the Hair Milk. This is where you are going to get the most of your scent. I say this because when it dries the scent lingers! Yeah! Great smelling hair ALL day long!! When I got ready to twist my hair, I ran some through my fro and my hair smelled sooo wonderful! It really moisturizes thirsty hair. I use this on a daily basis for my hair.

I will say this too. If you order the 16oz of conditioner or hair milk (like I did) you are going to receive 2 8oz bottles. Too bad I don't have anyone to trade with because that would be cool if you had a friend and you could both order different scents and then swap. If you are sensitive to scents you may want to go the unscented route because her scents are mostly oil based, it is not for the sensitive.

Everything was neatly packed and she also provided 2 samples of the moisturizing lotion! I received the Cranberry Cocktail and Chamomile Sage. I prefer the Chamomile Sage but the Cranberry Cocktail smells good too. I REALLY want to try the Cocoa Mango scent! That's the perfect summer scent! That's another thing, she has a bar of different scents to chose from! Pick your flavor!

I'm going to continue to order from her because I got my order within 3 days of ordering and it was shipped via UPS. Convenient for tracking.

I cannot say anything bad about company at all. This is how business should be. I am going to continue to support her business until......you know.
Check her out @ karensbodybeautiful.com Make sure you register your e-mail so that you can get the promo's she has!
I'm happy!! Thank you Karen.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Bad Business

I'm writing this post a few weeks late. I had to give myself some time to really think about how I wanted to construct this argument that I am about to propose.
I'm going to get straight to the point. I'm referencing African-American SMALL businesses. Don't get it twisted. Some people are very professional in their business practices. So sit down. I'm not talking about you.
However, there still seems to be some small businesses that are miraculously still operating. I'll make the presumption that the only people that are purchasing their service or product are family members and their friends.
When you are in business, there are just some things that just should not be done.
For starters, when I call your business number (during operating hours), I should be greeted with a "Hello, Thank you for calling (your business name)". Yes, I have a problem when you answer the phone like you are at home and I have to verify that I am in fact, calling a business. Next, should you decide to pay the premium to have a phone line, I should not get an automated voice mail that redirects me to your site and that e-mail is the most effective way of communicating. OK, if that's the case then why do you have a phone line? I understand that with technology that personalization is hard to come by in business. It's just way too much to pay someone to answer the phone.
One company (No free publicity here) had the nerve to tell me that she noticed I called several times and that I didn't leave a voicemail and that she didn't recognize the number? Since when do businesses screen calls? Recession? Where? I'm just wondering why are YOU still in business? You obviously don't need the money. STOP wasting consumers' time as well as yours. Find another hobby.
Next, business hours. If you have a sign posted or web page with your business hours of operation then shouldn't you be operating during these hours? Your doors should not be closed. I like reliability when it comes to service. Furthermore, if your hours have changed then you may want to re post your "new" hours of operation. Quit misleading people. Bad business.
Next, processing and shipping. If you are behind on your orders, either you should have people working overtime, or you need to hault orders until you are caught up. It is absolutely unfair as a consumer to have to "wait" and when I say wait, I'm talking weeks, before my product is even shipped out. But on the flip side, your company didn't waste any time debiting my credit card for my purchase. Should I get tired of waiting and want a refund, I can just call, I mean, e-mail. Forget it, you are sol.
This brings me to another point on why I am sooo glad that I am natural. Excuse my french but sh-t like this is why I am glad that I don't have to worry about the fuss and upkeep of a relaxer. This same crap goes on in AA salons too. Not everywhere. But it's enough out there to make everyone look bad. That's another story for another day. I'm done. Comments?
FYI: I DID find a VERY professional, friendly, natural hair care line that is based on the East Coast that I am going to order from tomorrow. I will get back on here and let you know what all I order, how long it took for me to receive my products, etc. I don't think that I am going to be disappointed because this lady seems to be on point. Take HINTS. I'm not supporting tacky businesses. Get it together!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Summer Nails!

Good Afternoon! It's definitely summertime! I wanted to talk about nails today. Most nail salons as you know, are usually frequented during the summer because of the type of shoes that are adorned with attire worn during the season.

I keep a fresh pedicure. Our feet do so much for us! I cannot grasp why so many people frequent nail shops ONLY during the summer. I say this because our feet do so much for us on a daily basis for those of us that are blessed with the ability to walk. I'm just saying that because weekly I treat myself to a pedicure and manicure (on occasion). Some people think that mani & pedi's are expensive. They're not. I get my OWN products (No questions about sanitation) and so the only cost to me is TIME. I've got it and I refuse to pay someone to do something that I can do myself ;) Go ahead and treat your hands and feet you deserve it! I always use OPI. Love their polish colors!
I would like to create a few DONT'S when it comes to nail lacquer.
CHIPPED POLISH is Very Tacky. Please either redo the nail or take ALL of the polish of your nails.
Also, nail polish over a few weeks old should be properly removed (Nail Polish Remover). I should not be able to see half of your nail bed from polish you had on 2 months ago.
Same rules apply to the toes as well.
Until next time....

Saturday, June 27, 2009

AT&T USBConnect Card

I know that this is a random. I recently purchased an AT&T USBConnect Mercury Card. I absolutely love it! I like the design, it's portable and the The USB also doubles as an external drive for memory. I purchased a 16gb card from Best Buy and stored all of my pictures and a few files without using space on my hard drive! (I love multi-functionality!)

I know that Broadband Internet can be costly compared to DSL or cable. But having the convenience of being able to have Internet access any and everywhere I go makes the premium worth it for me. I move too much to be restricted to a residence (I'm moving soon).

I will say this if you get one make sure that 3g is available in your area. If it's not, it's almost worth waiting for. 2g is not THAT slow, but still (I started to take it back). I'm paying for convenience AT&T provides wi-fi where I need it most HJ Atlanta Int Airport & Starbucks. So, I have 3g or wi-fi when I need it. It's a package deal even if they say it's free (to connect wi-fi hotspots), you are paying for it (monthly charges), so you may as well use it. That's my positive testimony of AT&T.

Yes, I'm at Starbucks right now. I have a Soy Chai Iced beverage. It's REALLY good & vegan ;)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Being Vegan 1st Month

This month has been wonderful for me! Look at all the wonderful fruits of the Earth I am able to consume! I'm going to tell you why I am so happy. I know that I am feeding my body the vitamins and nutrients it needs for me to be truly healthy. I love supporting local farmers. I went to a farmer's market and literally thanked the farmers for the labor and care involved of making sure that I am fed. I went to the market and picked up my meals for a few days and the farmer was nice enough to GIVE me a basket to carry my goodies in. Say what you want, but I am going to go to a fabric store and glue or staple me a cute interior for my basket (Save the plastic bags). I love farmers! Now, if I can get someone to send me one of those beautiful green stickers that says "Eat local food" um, you know who you are! Please send me one, you know where to get it from. I'm not one to express myself by damaging my car paint plastering stickers all over my car, but I will safely Scotch tape it to the back windshield somewhere. Not staining my glass either.

My experience being completely vegan is great. I know that it is a lifestyle change and I look forward to eating! Really. I never feel guilt about eating. But I do feel quite uncomfortable going out to dine. I'd rather have my vegetables! I have found that I am VERY particular about where I will dine and the ingredients in my food that I would just rather eat at home. It's economical and there's no uncertainty. If you decide to change your diet you will be able to relate to what I am talking about. Before becoming vegan there were a lot of things (reading product labels, etc) that I didn't do. With that said, it emphasizes the importance of education. I READ. EVERY ingredient. If I cannot pronounce it, I'm (very likely) not eating it. I just do not like uncertainty.

I tend to keep a lot to myself and I don't talk too much about my diet changes to others. Diet could be debated just like anything else and I would rather avoid the disagreement. I don't judge anyone for their food choices. Same for hair. My political opinion about either of these topics doesn't matter because if it isn't directly affecting myself (selfish but true) s, I'm not concerned with choices that affect others. On the other hand, if you are asking questions and need resources because you are at a point in your life where you are taking steps to make changes in your personal life and my testimony would be of help, then ask away! I will be of support.
I'm and avid (loose) tea drinker. Loose teas are of quality and taste really good! I love teas from Teavana. I try to drink a few cups throughout the day. Do your own research. Teavana has a great tea blog on their website you can check out! Brewing tea is an art. I never knew there was so much to tea until I experienced Teavana for myself. Amazing! So if you ever meet me around town, introduce yourself. I'll probably invite you to tea! Really. :) Other than teas, please pass my Fiji. Thank you. :)

Once you stop caring what others think of you and your decisions, think free will. Took me a while to learn it, but once you begin living those words...I cannot even explain it. :)


Today :)

Hey, Hey, Hey!! It's almost the beginning of a new month! Yay! I am not going to lie the events that have taken place over the course of the month couldn't have come at a better time!! Really! I'm going to try and make this as short and sweet without going into too many details.

Let's start with my hair. I told you all that I was going to keep it twisted for the month of June and I have for the most part. Of the month I've worn my hair out 4 days (up to date). I just had to make a collage of the most recent style. I purchased some beads from a local bss and retwisted a few strands to put the shells in and this was the result! I adore my hair.
This is my review of Oyinhandmade's Honeywash. I'm going to be honest. It lathers well and is ok, I just wasn't too impressed with it. I used it several times. It kind of made my hair feel straw like and dry. I use it to wash my (oily) face. Other than that, NEXT. I have an idea of a shampoo bar from another company that I am going to try next month and I will review it next month. I am going to keep the Juices & Berries.
I'm going to recognize a few people here. This is where I give congratulation caps to a few naturals. My sister and nephews (both babies, not to be dismissed) are all natural. My sister is about 6 months natural and her fro is fabulous!! If our schedules allow, I will be twisting her hair and adding shells. I would love to get a picture of all of us together and post in on here (soon). To all of my friends that are transitioning: Abony, Shauntay, and Kelia. Welcome to the natural family ladies!! :)

Also, I want to give a special thanks to those of you that have complimented me on my hair and are following me on the journey that I am sharing with you all.

Next, my weight, I stepped on the scale a few days ago and I'm down to 144lbs. Not too bad. I need to make it a point to workout even harder. I'm going to have to. I want to be comfortable and I am almost there. 10 pounds to go. I can do this. I'm running my own race & I will get to the finish line.

My bookshelf. I haven't read as much as I would've like to this month. I have been busy. That's all.

Thank you to all the people that I have met this month and to those of you I haven't met yet, I would like to Thank you. For being a part of my life. I have friends in my life that are complete strangers. :) I say that, but what I really mean is that they are angels. I believe God allows people in your life for a reason. It may not be disclosed to you and any blessing that comes my way shouldn't be questioned.. There is no explanation. No need for one either. I would go into detail but there's really no need to. I'm working everyday to establish my relationship with God. No worries. I'm good. Trust me. :)

Thank you Kelia

I've also updated my fotki page. Thank you ladies for the wonderful comments!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


It's been a week since my last post & wanted to update you on what's going on with me. First off, I cheated. Yes, I cheated, but let me explain why. My birthday was yesterday (I'm 26) and I wanted to be too cute for the weekend, even though I didn't do anything because....anyway, I've wore my hair out for the past few days. My twistout was sooo pretty!

Since I've moved back, my hair is getting some positive attention. *gasp* I know right? I find it quite flattering, especially when you partake in conversation with those alike. I love answering questions and talking about natural hair! So if you see me, don't be a stranger!

Recently I have spent a lot of time reading other blogs. Very interesting knowledge that people are communicating across the world. There isn't a day that fails to disappoint me with new knowledge.

I really want a Macbook. I've keep eyeing it and I believe July would be a great month to sacrifice that expense. My computer has lived long enough, plus my iPhone wants a compatible companion! :)

Update: Oyinhandmade's Honeywash-Neutral smell, lathers well, but not a keeper. It's just ok. I don't do well with ok, similar to settling, so I am going to try some of Inky's products (vegan) and come back in a few weeks with another review.

My pictures reflect the twists that I completed today. I've had a really bad day today, but my hair made up for it! Too cute and I really like the beads! It won't be long and I will be sporting a big bad a-fro! *smiles*
I'm still contributing to my bookshelf. I'll talk about it in a few days. I'm about to call it an early night. Sweet Dreams.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Fast Conclusion

I'm back! I cannot share everything that I have experienced during my fast, but I can say that it well worth it. I'm grateful for everything I learned throughout my 7 day journey. My attitude about food and being healthy are forever changed.

To be honest, I needed this fast. At the beginning, I couldn't give any concrete reasons as to why I was fasting. I continued after 3 days because it was a lot that I was learning! I spent my time thinking, meditating, planning, and surrounding myself around people of positive spirits. I am my own motivator. I know at the end of each day, I have to take care of myself. Your health should be your priority. It's ok to be uncertain of things in life. Fasting characterizes patience. Our bodies are truly amazing! Take good care of it!
One week prior to every new season, I'm going to fast 7 days. Totalling 28 days a year. I love my body and am no longer going to intentionally damage my body. There are enough environmental factors, UV rays, etc, that we are exposed to but the body thrives off nutrients that are provided by the natural fruits and grains of the Earth.
As of midnight tonight, I'm officially vegan. (After 8 months of being vegetarian). I thought that in celebration of my transition I purchased my absolute favorite dish-seaweed salad!! I also, purchased some Sesame Honey Cashews! I'm going to wait a few days before I consume the cashews (Thanks Denise!), but I am going to have a few bites of my seaweed salad & plenty of Fiji water!

For my 26th birthday, I will be purchasing a brand new bicycle! I'm so excited! I couldn't just get the bike, so I bought a brand new pair of custom Nike's to ride in style! That would be those in the picture! Aren't they smokin HOT!!! I'm ecstatic!! I'll be pedaling myself to great health this summer. I'm researching bike trails in the area, but don't be surprised if you see me out and about on my bike! Don't be a stranger, say hello!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

June Bookshelf

I'm on Amazon.com placing an order. I'm no cook, but I would like some ideas on some good recipes. This book seems to be a favorite for those that have similar diets to mine so, I'm picking up "Everyday Raw" by Matthew Kenney http://good.ly/auk3hr Note This book is paperback. It's fine because it is going to be in the kitchen.
Next, I'm ordering "Dying For Revenge" by Eric J. Dickey http://good.ly/auii63 . This book is part 3 of a trilogy. So if you haven't read the first 2 books "Sleeping with Strangers" and "Waking with Enemies", start with those! Both books are page turners and will not leave you disappointed! I was able to get both books with free shipping for $29.94. I should have both books in a few days!

I'm still reading "The Audacity of Hope" by Barack Obama.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Happy Friday!!

I'm still counting down!! 10 days til the big day!! To be honest, I'm going to be celebrating my birthday the entire month of June! I'm getting another massage on my birthday. My plan is to continue working out & getting monthly massages (I've gotten a membership-Health expense, not bill). I saw this nice kini that's going to be mine at the end of the summer! I've already got my trip planned at the end of July for Tampa. Should be exciting!

Next, I'm on Day 4 of my fast. I'm going to continue it, No set date for conclusion. I really feel great! Once my fast is completed, I'm officially vegan. Officially.

For the months of June and July, I'm keeping my hair twisted. Knot going to be a problem. Seriously.

I got my goodies today! The HoneyWash was surprisingly great! The HW has a very neutral/non-existent smell. It lathered well as a shampoo! That was a concern because I read reviews that complained about the consistency. I didn't have a problem with it at all. I used it as a facial wash and body wash, it was wonderful. My skin didn't feel dry afterwards. I'm going to continue to use this bottle and if I have no problems, it's going to be a keeper. So, if you have $9 get you a bottle to try!

Next, the Juices & Berries, lol. Every time I hear J&B, I think of the scene in "Coming to America". Hysterical! But this smells delicious! It's a summer treat for your hair! I'm going to use it everyday as a "refresher" for my hair! When I get down to one bottle, I'm going to order more. I actually prefer the scent of J&B over GJ, but both are equally divine!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

June Challenges

I'm on Day 2 of my fast. I feel marvelous!! I researched some places around town for a massage, I felt that would be a deserving treat for my birthday and I ended up booking a massage today!! I'm totally relaxed. I may continue my fast for a few extra days. Just make sure you drink plenty of water. Everyone has their reasons for fasting. I just felt that this was something that I needed to do for myself.

Also, Friday, I am expecting some more goodies for my hair! I'm going to try the HoneyWash as a shampoo, as well as trying the J&B refresher. I've only used Greg Juice, so I will give you my experience with these products. Another challenge I have for myself is to keep my hair twisted the entire month of June & July. I'm so tired of knots, I could scream. I'm doing it for protection. So I'll shampoo once a week and retwist. I'll be sure to take a picture Friday and then a comparison shot at the end of the summer! I hope you have a great night! I'll be back Friday.

Finished "Maneater"

I finished the book last night. "Maneater" I must say is a book that will have you on edge of your seat, sofa, or couch the entire time! You will not want to put it down! You can definitely tell that the writing styles of the authors are completely different! Her style was straight street. Both authors relayed their points in their stories while leaving many unanswered questions. That's why I enjoy reading books. I'm not going to spoil it for you but Noire's half of the book was CRAZY!! You are going to read it and have a few giggles. I know I did! Only because you KNOW that something is about to go down. The ending is a trip though. Her story will make you think about how you treat your true friends. "You reap what you sow" just remember that when you are reading her half of the book. Crazy! Plus, it gives you some insight of the things that go on within guys relationships with their friends. The conversations that these guys had in this book, I could really hear going on somewhere on this Earth. I cannot say too much without ruining the suspense and drama so you have to make judgement to get the book or not, but it will make great discussion!! Where are my readers at?! What are your thoughts of the book?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Happy June :)

New month! For starters, I'm going to update you on my fast. It's almost 5:30pm est, and I feel fine. My reason for fasting? I just want to start over. I try to take as best care of my body. By not focusing on food, I am able to meditate my thoughts on other things that are going on in my life. I'm utilizing this time to do a little planning. I try not to revolve my life too much on plans because as always, things don't often go as planned. But no one ever accomplished anything without a plan, so having the time to do this is going to be relaxing for me.

In the meanwhile, I added another book to my library (I'm past a collection) yesterday (Monday). I ended up purchasing "Maneater" by Mary Morrison & Noire. This is a co-authored book and its 2 books in 1. 1/2 is written by each author and I have read Morrison's half titled "Character of a Man". I will admit after you read a few of her books that there is something that you will learn or will be left thinking after reading. As you turn the pages awaiting the plot, you will be left wondering and thinking about what happened. I'm just glad none of this fictionalized drama occurs in my life. But I can only imagine the events in this book that are actually written of someones actual life. Definitely a great read. Morrison's half is not a disappointment at all. I'm not going to spoil anything for you, but if you have read any of her work you already know....

This is just a side note that I noticed in Morrison's half. She referenced a list of books and a few of the books she mentioned were of her work and by others. I had to laugh because as I looked at the list, I HAVE read all the books listed except 2. She also quoted "The Audacity of Hope". That was nice, since I'm picking that book back up after I complete this one. This is an easy read. I will also say that it opens your eyes to the importance of friendships in your life. Everyone needs someone sometime. It's true.
It also shed light on the internal struggles that have been publicized about in the past few years. Once you have the education and money, it sheds light on other problems that occur in one's life. Makes you wonder is it worth it? Everyone wants to be successful. Nothing wrong with that, but with more money comes more problems. That is not fiction. Just try not to get caught up in the materialistic lifestyle that each of the characters' possess. They deserve the their purchases. You have to slow down at some point and time to find out what our purpose is on this Earth and realize that a lot of money and career marriage isn't it. Or you will end up alone and unhappy.

I'm beginning to read Noire's half titled "Sugar-Honey-Ice-Tee". This will be a first for me because I have not read any of her work. I will post a review of that half later tonight or tomorrow. I thought about going back to review some of the other books in my "library" that I've read, but I feel it would be better to review books that I'm currently reading and am going to read. If there is a book that you'd like to know if I've read, let me know and I will tell you if I have and my thoughts!
Is anyone else reading this book? Let me know, What are your thoughts?

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Summer Flowers

Spring and Summer provides the perfect weather to play outside barefoot! I saw this beautiful flower in my back yard. Life is the same way. Taking the initiative to take care of oneself is a choice. You can bloom like a flower or you can be the weed that gets stepped on and goes unnoticed. But weeds don't look nice in a flower garden, so they are always the first to go!

Even when it rains in life, take those experiences as lessons and find some way to grow from them. Once you begin to bloom, others will notice. Flowers are a reminder that I am growing and adapting throughout life . Just make sure that you make it a point to stop. Splash through some rain puddles. Look at the flowers and remind yourself that your life & your health are just as beautiful!

Fotki Updated! :)

A few posts back I was saying that I had a fotki account and that there was a story? It was taking forever to upload pics, error uploading, etc... So I installed a new program on my laptop for pictures and it is marvelous!! I was able to seamlessly upload all pictures with captions within a few hours. I had to go back to February but it is current to date. So if you are curious and want to check it out my album here is the link, oh you have to have a registered account to view my photos (it's free).

Please sign my Guestbook! :) Thanks

Saturday, May 30, 2009

LaToya's Bookshelf

Ok, I know that the month is almost over but these are the books that I have managed to read over the past 3 weeks. I'm currently reading "The Audacity of Hope" by Barack Obama. I know, I'm late picking this one up, but so far, I have found it to be a great read. Most books that I purchase are leisure reads. I pick up a finance journal every once in a while because what I have found it is repetitive information and is catered more toward the general public. I am glad there is a lot of published material because it doesn't do any justice to work and not know what to do with your money or know where it is going. I have an iPhone and I downloaded the Checkbook application ($1.99 when I purchased it) and you can keep track of your balance at all times! I do not believe in paying a bank to hang on to my deposits either, so you better believe I have free checking! I could go on and on about finance, I was a finance major and graduated with a BSBA but this is supposed to be about my bookshelf...speaking of which, I won't post a pic of it because you all would be like omg, are you like, the library? I have a ton of books, but should we happen to read the same books in the future, please, feel free to post your comments and discuss!! I'll post when I get ready to place my order at Amazon.com so that you know what I am going to order. Here is the list so far... http://good.ly/ajhdmq (This book was released Tuesday, I'm going to BooksAMil this Tuesday to see if I can get a copy), http://good.ly/aoxk24 (PreOrder 7/28) , and http://good.ly/awr8pa (PreOrder 8/25). Generally, I do not order from bookstores because I prefer hardcover books and when you order from a warehouse you can get the book at discount. Besides when you order online you save yourself the disappointment of going to the bookstore and they are sold out. I usually get my books within 3 days of ordering from Amazon. Not bad.


It's not a diet. It's a lifestyle. I'm a vegetarian. Why? Because I want to be healthier. The loss of my best friend opened my eyes to my health. In addition, I have read several books from different authors about vegan/vegetarian lifestyle that seem to be streamline. I don't argue facts. I have been vegetarian for 7 months and counting. There is a lot in life that you cannot control but I would rather make lifestyle changes now, than to be forced to make changes when I am older and unhealthy. You only get one body. Take good care of it. I'm only giving my opinion. So please, don't be offended. So, right now I am at the point to where I NEED to shed a few pounds to be at a comfortable weight. Ok, I'm 5ft5 and 149.2 lbs of Wednesday (My ideal weight 134lbs). My birthday is coming up next mo (6/15) and I've put myself to a challenge. I have an in home gym. Treadmill is my best friend (why? because when I get tired, I can walk). I've done well the past few days. My challenge is to exercise everyday for a month. So I'm not weighing myself or anything until the beginning of July (7/1/09)! My diet isn't going to change, but I think I will see a significant difference when I implement exercise into my lifestyle! My grocer? Trader Joe's. It has a great selection of produce, organic dishes, and is a very friendly place to shop at! Everything is fairly priced. I spend about $40 a week in grocery. Their juices are 100%! I bought some green juice (literally) and it has spinach, apple juice, mango, etc. Really good. I'm not going to lie when I bought it I was like, I hope this is good, turns out, it was great! The pic? That was breakfast, lunch, and dinner today! It was delicious!!! My rules for eating are: I always eat on a plate, make my food presentable, and take my time eating. Just me.

Just thought that I would say this that the reason that I have been sucessful in my lifestyle change is because of my own self-motivation and determination. I am not easily influenced by others, but I DO know that when you are surrounded by others that do not share the same ideas and aren't supportive of whatever it is that you are trying to accomplish that you can get distracted.I am going to do a juice fast Tuesday (6/2), Wednesday (6/3) & Thursday (6/4). I will keep you posted! :)

May 2009 (Month 6)

I know you are like woah! A ton of information for one night! That's the update to where we are now. I've taken pictures this month as well. This month is coming to an end, but I celebrated my 6 mo hair-versary on 5/21!! While I am here I am going to tell you what my regimine consists of and what I have learned about my hair thus far! For starters, put down the comb on dry hair! My hair is extremely dry and fragile so when there is any manipulation (Combing) my hair is soaking wet and has ALOT of conditioner! I don't skimp. It's alot easier to detangle and style during this time too. I NEVER let my hair air dry without having it in twists. This is crucial, unless you like taking the time to untangle more tangles! I don't allow my hair to dry naked anyway because of shrinkage. Plus, having it twisted is a great style and it also protects your hair as well. All those scarves you see? Yes, I sleep with one religiously! You'll learn, sleep on something cotton and you will be lint picking the next day! So, as I said before I love Oyinhandmade products. The only thing is shampoo. I tried the poo bar & although it cleanses well, I found it to be quite a difficult adjustment. It's low lather, and I used it several times and I just couldn't do it. So I'm using Aveda's Dry Remedy Shampoo. I'm placing an order this week for some more goodies because I am almost out of conditioner! Thats a no no for me! So when I do place my order, I am going to try the HoneyWash as a shampoo. I have high hopes that it will work great, but I will see and I will post an update. So my regimine breaks down to this:

Shampoo with Aveda's Dry Remedy Shampoo

Honey Hemp Conditioner (Detangling)

After rinsing HHC, I will spray Greg Juice (Smells like fresh squeezed OJ!) throughout my hair

I'll part a section for twisting and use Whipped Pudding (This is your BEST FRIEND if you have dry hair! There are so many butters and goodies for your hair in this, it's amazing! It's a chocolate treat for your hair! Really. Try it for yourself!)

That's it! I let my hair dry in the twists and I will usually wear the twists for a few days. Since my hair is longer, I'm trying to keep the twists in longer, its to protect my ends. I find when I wear my hair out I tend to have that touching problem (ya know- handsnhairsyndrome) and it creates alot of knots. Not fun. The only heat that my hair feels is from the rays of the beautiful sunshine. I cannot even break myself to get my hair straightened, blowdryed, or anything. That's just me though. :) Everyday is a great hairday!

I love my hair and for those that are considering going natural it will be the best experience! Especially when you have the opportunity to speak to others! I was at SouthPark a few weeks ago and had an hour long conversation with a lady about hair! Her hair was stunning! We both exchanged helpful infomation to one another. There are a lot of naturals out there! If you have any questions or if I can be of assistance let me know! E-mail me!

April 2009 (Month 5)

Not too much more going on this month either. Here are some pics. One thing I DID notice this month is that I was having A LOT of knots. I knew that I needed to keep my ends protected in some way. This is the month that I started experimenting different ways to twist my hair.

March 2009 (Month 4)

Ok, there isn't alot going on this month! I took A LOT of pictures though! My twists are starting to look better. Hence the scarf, the back is a wip! I'm getting there though!

Feb 2009 (Month 3)

Ok, this was not a good month for pictures. Don't ask. I don't know either but I only had 14 pictures total so here ya go! This is also my first month trying out Oyinhandmade products. Before I was using what I purchased right after I got my hair cut and really didn't like the products so......the Honey Hemp Conditioner reeled me in! It made my hair sooooo soft! Since it was still kind of short, so I needed moisture to soften my hair! Instant winner! I felt I hit a jackpot. It smells like an orange creamsicle on a summer day! The Burnt Sugar Pomade is a treat as well! Can you say fresh from the bakery!? Yes! It provides a sheen to your hair. A word of advice a little goes a long way & it is oil based so..be careful!

January 2009 (Month 2)

Ok, so this is the month that I decided that I was going to take as many pictures as I possibly could of my hair! I created a fotki account, that's another story but here are some lovely pictures that I captured during that month! I played with scarves and also tried to do a few flat twists! I'm on my way now!!! :) All of these pics were taken throughout the month of January.


Ok, I did not take too many pictures shortly after I got my hair cut. I should've now that I am looking back on it but its ok. :) Here's the 1 that I could find and it's the back of my head so I probably wasn't smiling. I know that I took more pictures, but I cannot find them. I really need to purchase another card for my camera and really organize my pics. They're everywhere, so excuse me.


Here are a few pictures during the short amount of time (3mos) that I did "transistion". I kept it simple. I usually did a braid out and when I got tired of that I did get creative and braided the sides and did a 2 strand flat twist going down the middle and coming up from the back. :)

Good Afternoon!!

Hello! Allow me to introduce myself. I'm LaToya. It is a VERY pretty day outside today! :) I'm here to share what's going on in my life and chat mainly about my hair, books, and being vegetarian. I don't think that is too much to talk about? Is it? Well, I hope that maybe in some way I am of positive influence in your life. So I'm going to tell you a bit about myself. I'm going to try & post pics as well.

First off, I've been natural for about 6 months! :) So excited! My last relaxer was 8/10/08. To be honest, I never really considered going natural but I lost my best friend to a cancer battle and that changed my entire life. Literally. I was so confused & lost at that time. I learned from that experience and it also sparked my interest in health. In the area of the state that I lived in at the time it was a drive to go & get a touch up every 6 weeks and I remember being fed up because I went out there 2 consecutive trips, only to find myself disappointed. So that stylist hasn't seen me since. I tried for a few months afterward to do my hair myself. Well, you know where I am going with this, so 8/10 was the last relaxer I had. I knew that one was going to be the last one. OK, so..what now? I'm a licensed stylist so keeping my hair styled wouldn't be a problem. At first, it was flat iron and blow dry to get the textures to blend. That worked for a few weeks. Then, by the time November rolled around, I was really frustrated with my hair!! It was breaking (fully aware) and I was at the point that I had to get it cut. I wasn't going back. So, after 3 different stylists because no one wanted to cut my hair, I was finally relieved! Now, I have no hair so what am I going to do? Well, I went to Sally's and bought headbands, thinking I was going to be cute, well, not exactly. Especially when you don't have enough hair to push back! I didn't care! I rocked the bands anyway. It's just hair! And I knew that it would be a lot easier for me to work with my own texture of hair and it has been the best experience!!! So I am going to share a few pictures with you (cross my fingers that they post) & I'm new to this so if you have any comments or suggestions, please, let me know!!