Friday, March 26, 2010

Rose Garden

This is just beautiful. I know the petals will be falling off soon. My mom planted quite a few rose bushes & the only one that blossomed was this one. I stop & take pictures of the roses. I don't know why but when flowers blossom, I always feel that there is hope & a new beginning to anything and everything that you may want in life. Just inspirational for me.

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Spring is in the air!

It has been beautiful the past few days! I made it to the lake a few days ago & was able to take a few pics. This is my kind of weather! Enjoying the sunshine!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Earlier Today

I'm estatic! Seriously. Saturday was a very busy day for me & I was uncertain if I was going to be able to purchase this bicycle that I saw listed on CL. I would've purchased a new bike, but what I need it for, I could get w/used. It's nice. Going to take some time for me to get adjusted to riding it because it's a road bike. Balancing & pedaling is a little harder at 26 than my early teens. I had so much fun pedaling earlier that I'm a little sore. It's ok though. I've got my iTunes mixed, my bicycle, and Dino. Life's great! You like?


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