Friday, July 31, 2009

Style of the Week

 This week's style is called "twisted up". Ok, I make up names as I go along, feel free to change it up! Tools needed: a rattail comb, metal clips, hair milk, and a headband (optional). What I did for this hairstyle is made a part from ear to ear. Use clips to separate the hair. Then make zig zag, curved parts to the middle and twist going back. Continue until you have completed the front. For the back I made sections and made individual twists. Easy hairstyle. You are welcome to use the headband as an accessory. Viola! You're finished! Enjoy your week! I'll be back again next week! Until then....

MacBook Pro

Greetings! I write to you today from my new notebook! About time right? I've moved on. I am not going to lie, I love my new notebook! It's very functional and sexxxy!!! I got it Monday and have played around on it for the past several days. It gets the job done. Very different from Windows. I'll make the analogy of being right handed and having to write with my left hand. It is going to be a learning experience but I am going to be patient in learning the mac os. I DO love the fact that with AppleCare, should I have any technical issues, problems, etc that Apple is going to take care of my notebook. There is a wealth of information and forums to answer many questions that I have as I navigate through mac. So, I'm probably going to have a few changes until I'm familiar with the software (i.e. collages in iPhoto to publish to my blog). It's going to take some time, but look forward to a few changes! I'm excited! Until next time....

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Style of the Week

While I continue to update my fotki page, I thought that it would be a great idea to collage some styles that I create and post how I did them on here. Just in case you want some ideas on different styles. I got kind of creative last week and tried a frowhawk. I REALLY like this style. I'm all about keeping my hair protected! For this style you are going to need a rat tail comb, bobby pins and metal clips (to separate your hair into sections). That's it. When I did this style, start on whichever side you choose and make a part going down the side to the nape area. Use metal clips to keep hair separated. Then this is where it gets fun. Make your parts however you like! Get creative, zig zag, straight parts, whatever and twist toward the center. You are going to continue this and repeat the same steps on the other side. For the middle, I made small sections and just twisted all the hair in the middle. The reason I did this is to be able to wear the style until later this week when I get ready to re-do my hair. Also, a few days before I get ready to shampoo my hair I will untwist the middle section to REALLY have the "hawk" effect. Once you have completed twisting your hair, use a few bobby pins to hold the twists up on the sides. Viola! You are done! Enjoy your week!

To maintain this style, sleep in a satin or silk scarf and if necessary use a little hair milk to moisturize your hair.

I've gotten quite a few compliments on this hairstyle. I like it. One person told me that I switch styles all the time. I told the person "Thanks" and kept it moving.

Didn't cost me anything but a few hours of my time. Another reason to go natural. Do it yourself. Practice. I'm not paying for what I can do myself. Plus, I do my hair at my convenience. Not someone elses. Stay tuned! I'll post another style next week! Until then....

Karen's Body Beautiful

Good Morning Everyone! I know I told you a few weeks ago that I was going to be ordering some products and..........Karen's Body Beautiful is the business! For starters, her customer service is on POINT! I called and was able to talk to Karen. She is a very helpful and professional lady. She assisted in helping me pick the products best suited for my hair based on my description of my hair. By the way check her out on twitter (@karensbeautiful) and check out her fro!! That's what I want in a few years!! Gorgeous!!! I know, you are wondering why I ordered an entire regimen. Check out my last post. I ordered the Juicy Shampoo Bar, Deep Conditioner, and the Hair Milk all in the Lavender Vanilla scent except the Shampoo Bar (which it smells good too!).

The Shampoo Bar lathered! Bubble galore ladies! I'm not kidding AND it did not take much either. This shampoo bar is going to last a LONG time. It's worth the $12 and you get 2 pieces. Think about it this way, it's great for the environment (no bottles) and it saves space. Also, great for travel because you do not have to worry about spills over your precious garments!

The Deep Conditioner was a treat during detangling for my hair! Made my hair soooo soft and it smelled really sweet too! I let it "marinate" for about 20 minutes before rinsing it out.

Lastly, the Hair Milk. This is where you are going to get the most of your scent. I say this because when it dries the scent lingers! Yeah! Great smelling hair ALL day long!! When I got ready to twist my hair, I ran some through my fro and my hair smelled sooo wonderful! It really moisturizes thirsty hair. I use this on a daily basis for my hair.

I will say this too. If you order the 16oz of conditioner or hair milk (like I did) you are going to receive 2 8oz bottles. Too bad I don't have anyone to trade with because that would be cool if you had a friend and you could both order different scents and then swap. If you are sensitive to scents you may want to go the unscented route because her scents are mostly oil based, it is not for the sensitive.

Everything was neatly packed and she also provided 2 samples of the moisturizing lotion! I received the Cranberry Cocktail and Chamomile Sage. I prefer the Chamomile Sage but the Cranberry Cocktail smells good too. I REALLY want to try the Cocoa Mango scent! That's the perfect summer scent! That's another thing, she has a bar of different scents to chose from! Pick your flavor!

I'm going to continue to order from her because I got my order within 3 days of ordering and it was shipped via UPS. Convenient for tracking.

I cannot say anything bad about company at all. This is how business should be. I am going to continue to support her business know.
Check her out @ Make sure you register your e-mail so that you can get the promo's she has!
I'm happy!! Thank you Karen.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Bad Business

I'm writing this post a few weeks late. I had to give myself some time to really think about how I wanted to construct this argument that I am about to propose.
I'm going to get straight to the point. I'm referencing African-American SMALL businesses. Don't get it twisted. Some people are very professional in their business practices. So sit down. I'm not talking about you.
However, there still seems to be some small businesses that are miraculously still operating. I'll make the presumption that the only people that are purchasing their service or product are family members and their friends.
When you are in business, there are just some things that just should not be done.
For starters, when I call your business number (during operating hours), I should be greeted with a "Hello, Thank you for calling (your business name)". Yes, I have a problem when you answer the phone like you are at home and I have to verify that I am in fact, calling a business. Next, should you decide to pay the premium to have a phone line, I should not get an automated voice mail that redirects me to your site and that e-mail is the most effective way of communicating. OK, if that's the case then why do you have a phone line? I understand that with technology that personalization is hard to come by in business. It's just way too much to pay someone to answer the phone.
One company (No free publicity here) had the nerve to tell me that she noticed I called several times and that I didn't leave a voicemail and that she didn't recognize the number? Since when do businesses screen calls? Recession? Where? I'm just wondering why are YOU still in business? You obviously don't need the money. STOP wasting consumers' time as well as yours. Find another hobby.
Next, business hours. If you have a sign posted or web page with your business hours of operation then shouldn't you be operating during these hours? Your doors should not be closed. I like reliability when it comes to service. Furthermore, if your hours have changed then you may want to re post your "new" hours of operation. Quit misleading people. Bad business.
Next, processing and shipping. If you are behind on your orders, either you should have people working overtime, or you need to hault orders until you are caught up. It is absolutely unfair as a consumer to have to "wait" and when I say wait, I'm talking weeks, before my product is even shipped out. But on the flip side, your company didn't waste any time debiting my credit card for my purchase. Should I get tired of waiting and want a refund, I can just call, I mean, e-mail. Forget it, you are sol.
This brings me to another point on why I am sooo glad that I am natural. Excuse my french but sh-t like this is why I am glad that I don't have to worry about the fuss and upkeep of a relaxer. This same crap goes on in AA salons too. Not everywhere. But it's enough out there to make everyone look bad. That's another story for another day. I'm done. Comments?
FYI: I DID find a VERY professional, friendly, natural hair care line that is based on the East Coast that I am going to order from tomorrow. I will get back on here and let you know what all I order, how long it took for me to receive my products, etc. I don't think that I am going to be disappointed because this lady seems to be on point. Take HINTS. I'm not supporting tacky businesses. Get it together!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Summer Nails!

Good Afternoon! It's definitely summertime! I wanted to talk about nails today. Most nail salons as you know, are usually frequented during the summer because of the type of shoes that are adorned with attire worn during the season.

I keep a fresh pedicure. Our feet do so much for us! I cannot grasp why so many people frequent nail shops ONLY during the summer. I say this because our feet do so much for us on a daily basis for those of us that are blessed with the ability to walk. I'm just saying that because weekly I treat myself to a pedicure and manicure (on occasion). Some people think that mani & pedi's are expensive. They're not. I get my OWN products (No questions about sanitation) and so the only cost to me is TIME. I've got it and I refuse to pay someone to do something that I can do myself ;) Go ahead and treat your hands and feet you deserve it! I always use OPI. Love their polish colors!
I would like to create a few DONT'S when it comes to nail lacquer.
CHIPPED POLISH is Very Tacky. Please either redo the nail or take ALL of the polish of your nails.
Also, nail polish over a few weeks old should be properly removed (Nail Polish Remover). I should not be able to see half of your nail bed from polish you had on 2 months ago.
Same rules apply to the toes as well.
Until next time....