Monday, July 13, 2009

Bad Business

I'm writing this post a few weeks late. I had to give myself some time to really think about how I wanted to construct this argument that I am about to propose.
I'm going to get straight to the point. I'm referencing African-American SMALL businesses. Don't get it twisted. Some people are very professional in their business practices. So sit down. I'm not talking about you.
However, there still seems to be some small businesses that are miraculously still operating. I'll make the presumption that the only people that are purchasing their service or product are family members and their friends.
When you are in business, there are just some things that just should not be done.
For starters, when I call your business number (during operating hours), I should be greeted with a "Hello, Thank you for calling (your business name)". Yes, I have a problem when you answer the phone like you are at home and I have to verify that I am in fact, calling a business. Next, should you decide to pay the premium to have a phone line, I should not get an automated voice mail that redirects me to your site and that e-mail is the most effective way of communicating. OK, if that's the case then why do you have a phone line? I understand that with technology that personalization is hard to come by in business. It's just way too much to pay someone to answer the phone.
One company (No free publicity here) had the nerve to tell me that she noticed I called several times and that I didn't leave a voicemail and that she didn't recognize the number? Since when do businesses screen calls? Recession? Where? I'm just wondering why are YOU still in business? You obviously don't need the money. STOP wasting consumers' time as well as yours. Find another hobby.
Next, business hours. If you have a sign posted or web page with your business hours of operation then shouldn't you be operating during these hours? Your doors should not be closed. I like reliability when it comes to service. Furthermore, if your hours have changed then you may want to re post your "new" hours of operation. Quit misleading people. Bad business.
Next, processing and shipping. If you are behind on your orders, either you should have people working overtime, or you need to hault orders until you are caught up. It is absolutely unfair as a consumer to have to "wait" and when I say wait, I'm talking weeks, before my product is even shipped out. But on the flip side, your company didn't waste any time debiting my credit card for my purchase. Should I get tired of waiting and want a refund, I can just call, I mean, e-mail. Forget it, you are sol.
This brings me to another point on why I am sooo glad that I am natural. Excuse my french but sh-t like this is why I am glad that I don't have to worry about the fuss and upkeep of a relaxer. This same crap goes on in AA salons too. Not everywhere. But it's enough out there to make everyone look bad. That's another story for another day. I'm done. Comments?
FYI: I DID find a VERY professional, friendly, natural hair care line that is based on the East Coast that I am going to order from tomorrow. I will get back on here and let you know what all I order, how long it took for me to receive my products, etc. I don't think that I am going to be disappointed because this lady seems to be on point. Take HINTS. I'm not supporting tacky businesses. Get it together!