Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Summer Nails!

Good Afternoon! It's definitely summertime! I wanted to talk about nails today. Most nail salons as you know, are usually frequented during the summer because of the type of shoes that are adorned with attire worn during the season.

I keep a fresh pedicure. Our feet do so much for us! I cannot grasp why so many people frequent nail shops ONLY during the summer. I say this because our feet do so much for us on a daily basis for those of us that are blessed with the ability to walk. I'm just saying that because weekly I treat myself to a pedicure and manicure (on occasion). Some people think that mani & pedi's are expensive. They're not. I get my OWN products (No questions about sanitation) and so the only cost to me is TIME. I've got it and I refuse to pay someone to do something that I can do myself ;) Go ahead and treat your hands and feet you deserve it! I always use OPI. Love their polish colors!
I would like to create a few DONT'S when it comes to nail lacquer.
CHIPPED POLISH is Very Tacky. Please either redo the nail or take ALL of the polish of your nails.
Also, nail polish over a few weeks old should be properly removed (Nail Polish Remover). I should not be able to see half of your nail bed from polish you had on 2 months ago.
Same rules apply to the toes as well.
Until next time....


Anonymous said...

I love OPI...can't believe I left a ton of it back in Chicago during the move...told myself...."self...I can replace these..." walking around here with no nail polish feeling blah...

nice blog and loving your hair :)