Monday, June 8, 2009

Fast Conclusion

I'm back! I cannot share everything that I have experienced during my fast, but I can say that it well worth it. I'm grateful for everything I learned throughout my 7 day journey. My attitude about food and being healthy are forever changed.

To be honest, I needed this fast. At the beginning, I couldn't give any concrete reasons as to why I was fasting. I continued after 3 days because it was a lot that I was learning! I spent my time thinking, meditating, planning, and surrounding myself around people of positive spirits. I am my own motivator. I know at the end of each day, I have to take care of myself. Your health should be your priority. It's ok to be uncertain of things in life. Fasting characterizes patience. Our bodies are truly amazing! Take good care of it!
One week prior to every new season, I'm going to fast 7 days. Totalling 28 days a year. I love my body and am no longer going to intentionally damage my body. There are enough environmental factors, UV rays, etc, that we are exposed to but the body thrives off nutrients that are provided by the natural fruits and grains of the Earth.
As of midnight tonight, I'm officially vegan. (After 8 months of being vegetarian). I thought that in celebration of my transition I purchased my absolute favorite dish-seaweed salad!! I also, purchased some Sesame Honey Cashews! I'm going to wait a few days before I consume the cashews (Thanks Denise!), but I am going to have a few bites of my seaweed salad & plenty of Fiji water!

For my 26th birthday, I will be purchasing a brand new bicycle! I'm so excited! I couldn't just get the bike, so I bought a brand new pair of custom Nike's to ride in style! That would be those in the picture! Aren't they smokin HOT!!! I'm ecstatic!! I'll be pedaling myself to great health this summer. I'm researching bike trails in the area, but don't be surprised if you see me out and about on my bike! Don't be a stranger, say hello!