Wednesday, June 3, 2009

June Challenges

I'm on Day 2 of my fast. I feel marvelous!! I researched some places around town for a massage, I felt that would be a deserving treat for my birthday and I ended up booking a massage today!! I'm totally relaxed. I may continue my fast for a few extra days. Just make sure you drink plenty of water. Everyone has their reasons for fasting. I just felt that this was something that I needed to do for myself.

Also, Friday, I am expecting some more goodies for my hair! I'm going to try the HoneyWash as a shampoo, as well as trying the J&B refresher. I've only used Greg Juice, so I will give you my experience with these products. Another challenge I have for myself is to keep my hair twisted the entire month of June & July. I'm so tired of knots, I could scream. I'm doing it for protection. So I'll shampoo once a week and retwist. I'll be sure to take a picture Friday and then a comparison shot at the end of the summer! I hope you have a great night! I'll be back Friday.