Friday, June 26, 2009

Being Vegan 1st Month

This month has been wonderful for me! Look at all the wonderful fruits of the Earth I am able to consume! I'm going to tell you why I am so happy. I know that I am feeding my body the vitamins and nutrients it needs for me to be truly healthy. I love supporting local farmers. I went to a farmer's market and literally thanked the farmers for the labor and care involved of making sure that I am fed. I went to the market and picked up my meals for a few days and the farmer was nice enough to GIVE me a basket to carry my goodies in. Say what you want, but I am going to go to a fabric store and glue or staple me a cute interior for my basket (Save the plastic bags). I love farmers! Now, if I can get someone to send me one of those beautiful green stickers that says "Eat local food" um, you know who you are! Please send me one, you know where to get it from. I'm not one to express myself by damaging my car paint plastering stickers all over my car, but I will safely Scotch tape it to the back windshield somewhere. Not staining my glass either.

My experience being completely vegan is great. I know that it is a lifestyle change and I look forward to eating! Really. I never feel guilt about eating. But I do feel quite uncomfortable going out to dine. I'd rather have my vegetables! I have found that I am VERY particular about where I will dine and the ingredients in my food that I would just rather eat at home. It's economical and there's no uncertainty. If you decide to change your diet you will be able to relate to what I am talking about. Before becoming vegan there were a lot of things (reading product labels, etc) that I didn't do. With that said, it emphasizes the importance of education. I READ. EVERY ingredient. If I cannot pronounce it, I'm (very likely) not eating it. I just do not like uncertainty.

I tend to keep a lot to myself and I don't talk too much about my diet changes to others. Diet could be debated just like anything else and I would rather avoid the disagreement. I don't judge anyone for their food choices. Same for hair. My political opinion about either of these topics doesn't matter because if it isn't directly affecting myself (selfish but true) s, I'm not concerned with choices that affect others. On the other hand, if you are asking questions and need resources because you are at a point in your life where you are taking steps to make changes in your personal life and my testimony would be of help, then ask away! I will be of support.
I'm and avid (loose) tea drinker. Loose teas are of quality and taste really good! I love teas from Teavana. I try to drink a few cups throughout the day. Do your own research. Teavana has a great tea blog on their website you can check out! Brewing tea is an art. I never knew there was so much to tea until I experienced Teavana for myself. Amazing! So if you ever meet me around town, introduce yourself. I'll probably invite you to tea! Really. :) Other than teas, please pass my Fiji. Thank you. :)

Once you stop caring what others think of you and your decisions, think free will. Took me a while to learn it, but once you begin living those words...I cannot even explain it. :)