Saturday, May 30, 2009

Feb 2009 (Month 3)

Ok, this was not a good month for pictures. Don't ask. I don't know either but I only had 14 pictures total so here ya go! This is also my first month trying out Oyinhandmade products. Before I was using what I purchased right after I got my hair cut and really didn't like the products so......the Honey Hemp Conditioner reeled me in! It made my hair sooooo soft! Since it was still kind of short, so I needed moisture to soften my hair! Instant winner! I felt I hit a jackpot. It smells like an orange creamsicle on a summer day! The Burnt Sugar Pomade is a treat as well! Can you say fresh from the bakery!? Yes! It provides a sheen to your hair. A word of advice a little goes a long way & it is oil based careful!