Saturday, May 30, 2009


It's not a diet. It's a lifestyle. I'm a vegetarian. Why? Because I want to be healthier. The loss of my best friend opened my eyes to my health. In addition, I have read several books from different authors about vegan/vegetarian lifestyle that seem to be streamline. I don't argue facts. I have been vegetarian for 7 months and counting. There is a lot in life that you cannot control but I would rather make lifestyle changes now, than to be forced to make changes when I am older and unhealthy. You only get one body. Take good care of it. I'm only giving my opinion. So please, don't be offended. So, right now I am at the point to where I NEED to shed a few pounds to be at a comfortable weight. Ok, I'm 5ft5 and 149.2 lbs of Wednesday (My ideal weight 134lbs). My birthday is coming up next mo (6/15) and I've put myself to a challenge. I have an in home gym. Treadmill is my best friend (why? because when I get tired, I can walk). I've done well the past few days. My challenge is to exercise everyday for a month. So I'm not weighing myself or anything until the beginning of July (7/1/09)! My diet isn't going to change, but I think I will see a significant difference when I implement exercise into my lifestyle! My grocer? Trader Joe's. It has a great selection of produce, organic dishes, and is a very friendly place to shop at! Everything is fairly priced. I spend about $40 a week in grocery. Their juices are 100%! I bought some green juice (literally) and it has spinach, apple juice, mango, etc. Really good. I'm not going to lie when I bought it I was like, I hope this is good, turns out, it was great! The pic? That was breakfast, lunch, and dinner today! It was delicious!!! My rules for eating are: I always eat on a plate, make my food presentable, and take my time eating. Just me.

Just thought that I would say this that the reason that I have been sucessful in my lifestyle change is because of my own self-motivation and determination. I am not easily influenced by others, but I DO know that when you are surrounded by others that do not share the same ideas and aren't supportive of whatever it is that you are trying to accomplish that you can get distracted.I am going to do a juice fast Tuesday (6/2), Wednesday (6/3) & Thursday (6/4). I will keep you posted! :)