Saturday, May 30, 2009

May 2009 (Month 6)

I know you are like woah! A ton of information for one night! That's the update to where we are now. I've taken pictures this month as well. This month is coming to an end, but I celebrated my 6 mo hair-versary on 5/21!! While I am here I am going to tell you what my regimine consists of and what I have learned about my hair thus far! For starters, put down the comb on dry hair! My hair is extremely dry and fragile so when there is any manipulation (Combing) my hair is soaking wet and has ALOT of conditioner! I don't skimp. It's alot easier to detangle and style during this time too. I NEVER let my hair air dry without having it in twists. This is crucial, unless you like taking the time to untangle more tangles! I don't allow my hair to dry naked anyway because of shrinkage. Plus, having it twisted is a great style and it also protects your hair as well. All those scarves you see? Yes, I sleep with one religiously! You'll learn, sleep on something cotton and you will be lint picking the next day! So, as I said before I love Oyinhandmade products. The only thing is shampoo. I tried the poo bar & although it cleanses well, I found it to be quite a difficult adjustment. It's low lather, and I used it several times and I just couldn't do it. So I'm using Aveda's Dry Remedy Shampoo. I'm placing an order this week for some more goodies because I am almost out of conditioner! Thats a no no for me! So when I do place my order, I am going to try the HoneyWash as a shampoo. I have high hopes that it will work great, but I will see and I will post an update. So my regimine breaks down to this:

Shampoo with Aveda's Dry Remedy Shampoo

Honey Hemp Conditioner (Detangling)

After rinsing HHC, I will spray Greg Juice (Smells like fresh squeezed OJ!) throughout my hair

I'll part a section for twisting and use Whipped Pudding (This is your BEST FRIEND if you have dry hair! There are so many butters and goodies for your hair in this, it's amazing! It's a chocolate treat for your hair! Really. Try it for yourself!)

That's it! I let my hair dry in the twists and I will usually wear the twists for a few days. Since my hair is longer, I'm trying to keep the twists in longer, its to protect my ends. I find when I wear my hair out I tend to have that touching problem (ya know- handsnhairsyndrome) and it creates alot of knots. Not fun. The only heat that my hair feels is from the rays of the beautiful sunshine. I cannot even break myself to get my hair straightened, blowdryed, or anything. That's just me though. :) Everyday is a great hairday!

I love my hair and for those that are considering going natural it will be the best experience! Especially when you have the opportunity to speak to others! I was at SouthPark a few weeks ago and had an hour long conversation with a lady about hair! Her hair was stunning! We both exchanged helpful infomation to one another. There are a lot of naturals out there! If you have any questions or if I can be of assistance let me know! E-mail me!


Serenity3-0 said...

I transitioned from January to yesterday adn someone recommended your site to me. Good stuff here. I'm starting out with a fro. I'm still getting my mind wrapped around it all.