Monday, November 2, 2009

A GREAT Hair Day

I made a YT video on what happened to the extensions that I had in at the beginning of October. That was a VERY short-lived hairstyle. The combination of the braids and the sew-in was too much stress on my hair. I couldn't take it. Anyway, moving along after everything was taken down, I decided to wear my hair in a puff. There is no telling how long I could've been wearing a puff because this was the first time that I actually tried it. OK......Let me tell you.....I thought that I was TOO cute!! I'm dead serious. I took so many pictures and smile from ear to ear the few days that I did wear my hair in a puff. To be honest, I don't even know why I was acting like this because I should be proud everyday of my hair. Something got into me that day. But, it's a milestone for me because I would see other women with their hair in puffs and anticipated the day that I would be able to have myself a puff! So there is it! *big grin*